Measures against coronavirus / Educational institutions are closed for two weeks, air and sea connections with Northern Italy are suspended

Published at : 17/03/2020 - 11:15

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated today that the educational institutions will be closed for a period of two weeks and the direct air or sea connections with the north of Italy will be interrupted until April 3.

During the meeting of the government where the measures taken to deal with the situation are being discussed, Rama said that since the first moments of the appearance of coronavirus in the world, we have taken the situation very seriously and we are best prepared.

Everything, he said, is done according to the plan consulted and put on the state table on the basis of the protocol of the World Health Organization ", declared Rama.

"Following the protocol set by the WHO to set in motion at this stage are the suspension of direct flights or maritime connection with northern Italy until April 3, as well as the closure of educational institutions for a period of two weeks and then will the evaluation in the process is also done ", declared Rama.

Prime Minister Rama pointed out that the closure of educational institutions is done, not that this is the most threatened category, but it should be understood that young people or children, who due to the fact that they have to go to school and gather together, are carriers and they can transmit the virus to others even though the virus itself does not pose a threat of this development ", said Rama.

Some of the measures taken today at the government meeting are as follows: