Food packages to help families with few opportunities in the villages of Rrogozhina. Dalipi: We are with those in need

Published at : 04/04/2020 - 12:11

The country is going through difficult days due to coronavirus. Many people have abandoned work to stay isolated by being protected from this invisible enemy.

The Tirana Regional Council knocks every day on the doors of families in need, to be near them, in these difficult days and helping them with food.

The chair of Tirana Regiona Council, Aldrin Dalipi, was today in Sterbeg Villge, administrative unit Kryevidh in the municipality of Rrogozhina, distributing aid to families in need.

“Sterbeg Villge, administrative unit Kryevidh in Rrogozhina, beyond “Luz i Vogël” school, we went to families in dire need of food and family members with serious health problems. Together with the representatives of the Regional Council there to humbly give our help ", writes Mr. Dalipi on social networks.

He assured them that institutional assistance, whether for food or medicine, would not be lacking for any family.

The chair of the Region said that the institution he leads will be close to the citizens in this difficult moment that the country is going through.

Every day is a marathon, to help those who need the hand of the institutions, to get through this situation as easily as possible.