Association of Albanian Regional Coucils in Gjirokastra with Swiss partners; Consultations with councilors on participation and civic initiatives in local government begin

Published at : 24/02/2020 - 18:08

The workshop on the evaluation of the draft regulation "On petitions, complaints, requests and civic initiatives" was held in the city of Gjirokastra.

The meeting was moderated by the Executive director of the Association, Ms. Elidiana Canaj, and was attended by local elected representatives from the Gjirokastra Regional Council, the Vlora Regional Council and the Fier Regional Council.

The draft regulation was prepared by the experts of the Strong Municipalities project. Mr. Fatlum Nurja was present as well as the coordinators of the respective regions for this project.

Remarks, suggestions, proposals will be reflected in the draft to the representatives of the project Strong Municipalities, drafters of the draft and AARC.

In the end, the final document will be the joint work of ASSG and AARC.

Meanwhile, the next meeting will be in the Region of Berat in the coming days on the same topic.