Alfred Moisiu honored in Kavaja with the title of 'Region’s Honor'

Published at : 21/02/2020 - 23:11

Former President Alfred Moisiu was honored this Friday with the title of 'Region’s Honor'by the chairman of the Tirana Regional Council, Aldrin Dalipi.

"As a sign of appreciation, for the tremendous contribution to our society being an example of inspiration for the values of citizenship, the rule of law and service to the homeland," read the motivation Mr. Dalipi awarded in honor of the former president.

“His role in the modern history of Albania is undoubtedly an example and encouragement, adding to his valuable contribution during the Anti-fascist National Liberation War. His determination for a rule of law, but also for the processes of integration into the Euro-Atlantic alliance are and will remain an indisputable value, ”Dalipi said in his speech.

Excited by the ceremony, President Moses thanked the Chairman of the Regional Council and dedicated that appreciation to the family and friends who supported him throughout his long career.

“Those who do not appreciate the contribution of their ancestors are the destroyers of their nation. I would like to thank Mr. Dalipi for doing a good job of putting in place and commemorating the values of those people who have contributed, ”said Moisiu.

The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Defense, Mr. Petro Koci, the Chief of the Army Brigade, General Bardhyl Kollçaku, the Prefect of Region. Suzana Jahollari, Deputy Mayor of Tirana Mr. Andi Seferi, Mayors, family, friends and relatives of Mr. Moisiu.

In her speech, the Prefect of Tirana, Mrs. Jahollari expressed her deep gratitude for the hard work and contribution of Mr. Moisiu over the years in his many and important tasks, especially that of the President of the Republic of Albania in 2002-2007.