Visit Tirana / Peza, a village between greenery, history and tranquility

Published at : 29/05/2018 - 11:26

Peza, a beautiful and fun-filled area, is an Administrative Unit of Tirana Municipality and is located a few kilometers from the center of the capital.

As you enter in Peza, the eye catches hills and wonderful fields and farm animals. The serenity and smell of flowers is the first impact you face, feeling the oxygen that fills the lungs. Peza is a picturesque village full of greenery and history.

In the huge square with the size of a giant park is the old house of Myslim Peza, a patriot who was one of the organizers of the famous Peza’s Conference.

The monument that attests the conference held in 1942, confesses in a few lines the history with engraved characters.

Myslim Peza’s old house gives this village historical and tourist significance at the same time; as anyone who comes for the first time, visits monuments and historical places while taking pictures as memories. 145 martyrs of the 2nd World War rest in peace at the cemetery of the “Martyrs of Peza”.

The monument “Glory to the martyrs of heroic Peza” was realized in 1977 to honor them. In Peza, in a very small area you can find: ancient castles, historical monuments, traditional architecture, natural monuments, rare species of flora and fauna, lakes, typical rural landscapes, farms and livestock farms and rare livestock breeds.

The inhabitants of Peza are distinguished for the traditions and values of their character: very generous and hospitable people.

Residents are the ones who mostly promote the area and attract tourists, by saying that Peza does not offer just history.

Locals say that the weekend marks the largest number of tourists coming from Tirana and other cities but also from different countries. Another attraction for tourism development in this area is fishing, where many passionate on fishing populate the two reservoirs of the area, where different kinds of fishes are cultivated.

A coffee in ... Peza

The fact that it is very close to the capital makes of Peza an ideal destination to go for a coffee or lunch at the weekend. Peza has a large green field that often is populated by families in holidays’ picnics. Peza is known for its bio food directly from the farm to the table.

Visitors can play football or other games, while children can raise their balloons. It’s a fantastic place for family trips.

The most important event in Peza is the “Peza ‘n fest” the celebration for the anniversary of the Creation of the Front of the National Liberation War on September 16th, 1942 at the Peza Conference.

Every year young people gather, sing partisan songs, spark fires, and recall the times of war. It’s really fun especially for young people who spend all night out singing and dancing.

Fjolla’s Lake

Fjolla’s Lake is one of the most beloved areas for the residents of the area.

This lake is beautiful and clean, so if you choose to go to Peza you must definitely see it too.

The deep, clean waters of Fjolla’s Lake, of 14 hectares are undoubtedly a worthwhile destination and are a beautiful landscape for those who like photos.


Focusing on history, the detail that made Peza famous for everyone, in the center of the village, is the reconstructed museum recently, where one can see documents and photographs about the history of the Anti-Fascist National Liberation War.

In this village was held the first Anti-Fascist National Liberation Conference in Europe, held on September 16th, 1942 Anti-Fascist, which is the biggest curiosity of tourists.

This museum stands open all the time and offers historical facts that have been preserved for decades, even in various archives in the country and abroad.

P.S: Peza is not the only area of Tirana where you can spend the weekend, for walks or picnics, also Dajti, Preza Castle, Farka, Petrela, or Artificial Lake Park, gather every weekend tens of people who enjoy nature and spring.