Tirana welcomes the Albanian-Italian forum on “Assistance to citizens, social agriculture and agribusiness”

Published at : 30/11/2017 - 11:31

The President of Tirana Regional Council, Mr. Aldrin Dalipi, praised the model of cooperation and exchange of concrete experience in the field of social agriculture and agribusiness, in the presence of Italian Ambassador in Albania Mr. Alberto Cutillo, at the first joint economic forum on “Assistance to Citizens, Social Agriculture and Agribusiness”, organized by the Italian National Institute of Citizens Assistance “INAC”, Italian Federation of Agriculture, “CIA” and the Albanian Agribusiness Council “KASH”.

Mr. Dalipi emphasized that the development of agribusiness as a tool for social economic development, is the objective of a near future for the country; a vision that will become reality by coordinated work and the goodwill of policymakers.

“The reforms that have taken place in Albania over the last four years have brought the country’s integration nearer to the desired European family and have progressed in strengthening cross-border bridges in the region. The effects they have brought, the new models of agricultural development, increased attention on rural development policies have positively influenced the development of agribusiness as a very effective development tool for the country,” said Mr. Dalipi.

The head of Tirana Region further stated that Albania has a great potential to be used in the agribusiness sector.

The purpose of the meeting was to improve the activity, in particular to help Albanian citizens, businesses and agribusinesses working and residing in Italy and those Italians working and residing in Albania, as well as establishing an effective cooperation between the forum and platform for co-governance in Albania.

During the close meeting of senior representatives of two delegations from Italy and Albania, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Italian National Institute of Citizens Assistance, the Italian Agriculture Federation and the Albanian Agribusiness Council in order to solve the problems of agriculture’s development.