Tirana Regional Council supports the Observatory for Children’s Rights

Published at : 06/06/2017 - 17:45

Integration of returnee families is part of the mission of society. For this purpose, an important study was carried out detailing the opportunities of how returning children from abroad and their families can reintegrate into our society.
The Observatory for Children's Rights in cooperation not only with Regional Councils but also with other important institutions, presented the findings of the study in the report "What Happens to Returned Albanian Families and their Children? Key Findings from the Evaluation of Access to Services"; a study on returned migrants to Tirana, Dibra and Fier Regions, on the needs for reintegration of returnees, focused on families (with children).
This report reflects the information gathered during the period March-April 2017 by the Observatory for Children’s Rights through interviews with central, local institutions and service providers as well as through focus groups with returnees in Tirana, Dibra and Fier Regions.
The findings of the report were shared on Friday with representatives of international and national institutions, various ministries and subordinate central and local institutions together with NGOs, operating in the field of children's rights, in order to facilitate the reintegration process of returnees, children and their families, in the various services needed.
Since December 2015, Tirana Regional Council has signed and implements a cooperation agreement with the Observatory for Children's Rights, expressing the institution's commitment in supporting the Observatory for Children's Rights with the necessary documentation, information and administrative support at data collection.
The full Report can be found here