Tirana Regional Council implements a project to help people with disabilities in its Region

Published at : 21/08/2017 - 11:23

Tirana Regional Council in cooperation with the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation is implementing the project “Offering wheelchair service to people with disabilities”. The lack of wheelchairs, isolates people with disabilities and denies to them access in basic and vital services.

This service, the wheelchairs, is estimated to be the precondition for the integration of people with disabilities in our communities. Based on the increased number of persons in these conditions, in need for wheelchairs, in Tirana Region, there was established a cooperation agreement among the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation and Tirana Regional Council, on mutual collaboration on project’s activities implementation.

The aim of this project is to improve life’s quality for the people with disabilities through offering wheelchair services according to their specific needs and in compliance with the World Health Organization’s standards.
Support on offering wheelchairs’ service to people with disabilities with be realized phase based as follows: Identification and mapping of people in need for this service; Physiotherapeutic examination at their homes; Adoption of wheelchairs according to their needs and living conditions; Equipment of identified persons in need with wheelchairs; Continuous training of disable’s family members on wheelchairs’ usage and maintenance; Collaboration and continuous communication with social service institution on local and regional level.