Tirana Regional Council Cooperation on IPA Adriatic CBC Funds

Published at : 02/02/2018 - 11:28

IPA Adriatic CBC and Abruzzo Region organized on 24th January in Aquila, a technical debate on “Fight against Fraud, Irregularities and Corruption with European Funds" with the participation of the High Italian Authorities and representatives of Tirana Regional Council.

This roundtable discussion aimed at reconfirming inter-institutional engagement to reduce corruption and fraud with EU funds, the fruit of a joint and coordinated effort by the various institutions and to share best practices with the countries that adhere to be part of EU.

Vice President of Tirana Regional Council Ms. Bora Panajoti in her speech emphasized that Tirana Region expresses all the support and evaluation for IPA Adriatic and the Managing Authority av. Paola di Salvatore.

The very good experience of these years has expanded to concrete steps in the fight against fraud and irregularities with European funds. The territorial cooperation of 8 states, regions and cities is a common will to respect the best practices, so we judge that together we have already created a dynamic component toward a Europe with the best values and principles.