Tirana Municipality organizes hearing with members of the Municipal Council on the final draft of the General Local Plan - TR 2030

Published at : 16/01/2017 - 10:40

Tirana Municipality presented today the final draft of the General Local Plan, "TR030", to the municipality’s councilors, before sending it for approval at the Municipal Council meeting of December 29th. “TR 2030” was shared and discussed with citizens during 24 public hearings’, which took place during the summer months.
In his speech, the Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Erion Veliaj said that the plan is the product of a process that lasted more than a year, for which worked many architects and urban planners, and has undergone two tours of discussions and public hearing with citizens and stakeholders. He said that this final draft that is ready for approval, projects the European Tirana of the future.
"The year we’re leaving behind was the year of recovery of Tirana. We are still far from our ambition, but I hope this plan with all the amendments, when enacted, will realize our ambition for a European city. Each of us, whether Mayor or members of the Municipal Council, will be proud to say one day, “as I was in that position, I gave my contribution to a much dignified city than the one we found, "said Mr. Veliaj.
He added that with this project, it’s done an extraordinary job, which takes into account all demographic developments that occurred and expected to incur in the capital in the future.
"The old Plan could not be the same plan that can be used for Shengjergj Vaqarr, Kashar, Ndroq, Krraba and so on. Only the demographic and geographical change of Tirana, either its population increased with 30% or its territory increase of 25 times, meant that we absolutely needed a new Plan. The old Plan envisaged a Tirana compressed by the urban prospective which for the next 15-20 years foresaw 4.5 million inhabitants. All this sound a little unreasonable; we could not have “an Albania and a half” only in Tirana. I not prejudge the reasons behind the old plan at all, but I believe we have given the plan a bit more human dimension, anticipating a Tirana that in 2030 will have about 1.5 or 1.6 million inhabitants, or about 1/3 of the population of Albania, but not something unrealistic" added the Mayor of Tirana.
Focusing on the components of this Plan, Mr. Veliaj emphasized that it provides a much greener and cleaner Tirana, thanks to the idea of the creation of the orbital forest.
"In the coming years we need to invest in 2 million trees to surround Tirana with what is called the orbital forest, which I believe will be “dowry” oxygen for the next generation. A week before today, we started the forestation of the administrative unit of Farka by planting with 500 new trees, and we will continue throughout this week in planting other.
All this work resembles to a puzzle’s game; it starts only with one piece, however it will continue with all the pieces at this pace; let's say in our age of retirement we will be proud of letting to the other generations a much more greener Tirana, while this is not the reality that we have inherited”, said Mr. Veliaj.
Mr. Veliaj said that the urban plan is part of a polycentric Tirana, and emphasized that will be build public squares and parks in suburban neighborhoods as well.
One idea that we believe is embraced an idea to which all agreed, as the left or the right parties, has been the idea of polycentric Tirana which vents pressure across the "Skanderbeg"square. I believe it is a good idea, but however we will have to budget the concept of polycentric Tirana, with squares and public spaces in Kinostudio, Kombinat, and Lapraka neighborhoods. As you have noticed, some of these investments have already begun, however, the plan formalized it and serves as a guide for budgeting and investment if we have to expand the concept of polycentric Tirana ", said the Mayor of Tirana.
He also emphasized that even in the new General Local Plan is provided to build the appropriate social and educational infrastructure which will respond to the development that takes the city in every aspect of everyday life.
"Tirana is a magnet for all the Albanian society is the top economic power between 61 municipalities, is power to employment, is where are registered more companies, where there is more trade flows, therefore it is inevitable what is actually happening, 20 thousand people from the provinces of Albania relocate each year in Tirana. Every day in Tirana are registered in the registry 50 people. So we want or not, we will face with this influx in population growth, "said Mr.Veliaj.
He added that the plan envisages the construction of at least 20 schools responding firstly, to the emergency of the current school overcrowding.
"It is very important that for the first time we will begin to conceive better the social infrastructure. As is increased housing system, as has been grown residential areas, municipalities in years, couldn’t kept pace with the educational institutions that must been created. This is why in the plan you will see the "already mapped" and where will be the 20 new schools. We will have to take a decision, so the plan for the first time, put on the map by density and by the distance that children will take, where will be new schools, "said Mayor.
Mr.Veliaj asked the debate on the urban plan of Tirana to focus on technical aspect and not to make politics.
Meanwhile the Chairman of the Municipal Council and the President of Tirana Regional Council, Mr. Aldrin Dalipi said that this layout comes after continuous consultations with all the experts.
Mr. Dalipi emphasized that the urban plan will affect the development of Tirana for the forthcoming years.
"We look forward to hear how the plan handles and regulates city problems associated with vegetation, environment, energy, transportation, creation of different centers, the report of the periphery with the main center, further the concept of development and protection of the land from restraint trends in administrative units that include villages, stimulating agro-tourism and agriculture, to respect cultural and religious spaces in the capital, "said Mr.Dalipi.
Specifying the Plan as a transparent project, the Chairman of the Municipal Council said that there is no doubt that Tirana today is a success story.