Regional Committee for the Fight against Human Trafficking gathered

Published at : 26/02/2018 - 15:54

On 22 February 2018 was held the meeting of the Regional Committee for the Fight against Human Trafficking, led by the Prefect of Tirana Region, Ms. Suzana Jahollari, as the Chairwoman of this committee.
Participants in this meeting were deputy Minister of Interior, Ms. Rovena Voda, as well as heads of Albanian institutions such as Tirana Municipality, ISS (Informative State Service), Tirana Regional Council, Prosecution Office of Tirana Region, Police Directorate of Tirana Region, the Regional Directorate of Employment, Regional Directorate of Education of Tirana Region, “Different and Equal” NGO, “Caritas Albania” etc.
At this round table, Tirana Regional Council was represented by Vice President of Tirana Regional Council Ms. Bora Panajoti and the Director of the Directory of Legal Issues and Human Resources, Ms. Matilda Kita.
The purpose of this roundtable was to enhance inter-institutional cooperation to fight the phenomenon of human trafficking, which is present in Tirana Region. The tasks of this meeting were:
1. Approval of the internal regulation on the organization and functioning of the Regional Committee against Human Trafficking.
2. Identification of problems encountered and discussing common ideas on awareness campaigns.
3. Discussion of tasks and measures to be taken in implementation of the National Strategy Against Human Trafficking.
4. Deciding the members of the Technical Table.
In her speech during the meeting, Ms. Bora Panajoti, Vice President of Tirana Regional Council, on behalf of the President, Mr. Dalipi, appraised this roundtable as an important moment of cooperation and responsible management of the trafficking phenomenon in the Tirana Region, in order to implement measures to prevent this negative phenomenon.
Since two years, Tirana Regional Council has a good cooperation with the NGO “Different and Equal”, at offering multidiscipline assistance to victims of human trafficking. Its center is a national example of how it manages and reintegrates victims of human trafficking. We continue to deal with each case very carefully and responsibly, and many of these cases have been fully rehabilitated. Only in 2017, 60 cases of women and girls victims of trafficking and domestic violence were reported.