The process of transferring the agricultural land of former agricultural enterprises to the beneficiaries is solved

Published at : 30/10/2018 - 23:24

By order of the President of Tirana Regional Council for more than a year, a working group has been set up to assay the requests of the administrative units that are under the administration of the Tirana Region.

The purpose and the functioning of this committee, compound of five specialists, has in essence the examination of requirements related to the determination of the procedures for carrying out the process of transferring agricultural land from former agricultural enterprises owned now by the beneficiaries.

This order came in support of Law No.139 / 2015 “On Local Self Government” and Law No.44 / 2015 “On determining the procedures for completing the acts of acquiring land for agricultural families in the villages of former agricultural cooperatives”, (amended), helps residents to solve such an important issue for them, such as the issue of agricultural land ownership of former agricultural enterprises.

All the requests addressed to Tirana Region have received answer within the deadlines provided by the law.