Land Management and Protection; Regional Council of Tirana held a meeting to solve the problems related to LMP

Published at : 09/04/2019 - 12:14

The Directorate of Land Administration and Protection (DAMT) at the Regional Council of Tirana organized a meeting with the Rural Development Directorate of the Municipality of Tirana and specialists of Land Administration and Management of the Administrative Units.
The object of this meeting was to discuss the problems and concerns that have arisen in relation to inter-institutional relations in terms of management and protection.
The purpose of the meeting was to achieve accurate land documentation in all it’s categories, such as privately owned agricultural land, state-owned land, forest land and other resources.
It was discussed to have a unique documentation for all categories of land in order for these resources to increase revenue for both the private and the state, but to serve potential investors in the territory of Tirana Region.
The meeting was organized by DAMT, and at the conclusion it was decided to keep continue with other meetings in the municipalities of Kavaja, Vora and Kamza.