EU Transit 2018 - ideas and initiatives to promote agro tourism development

Published at : 21/03/2018 - 15:49

EU Transit – Albanian Farm project organized a round table to discuss with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Tirana Regional Council, American Bank of Investments, RISI Albania, “People and Ideas” organization and local entrepreneurs that operate on agriculture sector in the region.

This round table comes after an effective collaboration of Tirana Regional Council with EU Transit Albanian Farm of last year, aiming to incentive investments on local products, a collaboration that was finalized with a daily event in Hekal village of administrative unit of Petrela.

Representatives of Tirana Regional Council expressed its support and readiness to collaborate for EU Transit Albanian Farm 2018 events as the development of local business and tourism, and the support of young entrepreneurs in the region are important objectives of the regional development strategies.

Agribusiness is a priority sector for the economy of our country. It brings in 20% of national GDP; 56 % of the population that makes up to 60% of the labour is located in rural areas.

EU Transit Albanian Farm 2018 will organize some multidisciplinary events in some villages of Albania, with a network of 70 local and international entrepreneurs and tourists, to promote local businesses and agro tourism.

During this meeting there were discussed on the many challenges of local business and the burdens that hinder the access of Albanian agricultural products of high quality, competitive costs and good marketing on European markets.

The national Scheme of Support for Agriculture and Rural Development 2018 was also topic on the discussion of this round table.