Consecutive Tirana Municipal Council session was held and, its agenda was about approving several important decisions

Published at : 17/06/2019 - 23:37

All those who deal with agriculture and livestock in the rural areas of the Tirana Municipality from today have one more ally to sell their products. Tirana Municipal Council decided to create a new association "Tirana AgriCulture", which aims to improve the quality of life for rural residents through the promotion of agricultural and livestock-oriented family farmers, intertwined with agro-tourism and eco-tourism.
The head of the Municipality of Tirana, Mr. Erion Veliaj, assessed that this association incite and assist the promotion and sale of agricultural products through mediation for the conclusion of contracts between individuals or legal persons, public, state and private, local and foreign, as well as the organizing of fairs, exhibitions to promote the local products.
"The establishment of the"Tirana Agriculture" association will bring benefits: first, we had a debate on the monopoly of the sale of wholesale agricultural food in Tirana. This monopoly should be broken, as we did with the public cleaning monopoly turning it into a public company; today, this public company will create free wholesale centers. So we want to turn it into a business as an agricultural aggregator, besides as a wholesale center. This is a good news for all of Tirana's agriculture, which until yesterday was forced to go to a place set by past governments. The first step is to establish a public company that will manage the wholesale fruit and vegetable markets in Tirana, and then enter into farming programs, "- said Mr.Veliaj.
The Mayor was also focused on a number of major investments that have started in Tirana, initiating with the doubling of the potable water and the extension of the transmission lines in peripheral areas. He stressed that four years ago, Tirana was supplied with only 7 hours of potable water and thanks to the investment and good governance of UKT, citizens have an average supply of 14 hours of water per day. But, the ambition of the Tirana Municipality is that within 4 years of the next mandate it is possible for the capital to have an uninterrupted supply of water.
"We have just started work from the Bovilla Lake in the mountain up to the Bovilla plant, where we filter the water. It started for the first time after 50 years, doubling the water we take from the lake and transporting it to the treatment plant. Since the plant itself is doubling in size, we need to double the flow. It looks like 4 years ago was 400 years ago, but I want to remind you that we took Tirana 7 hours of water supply per day and shift it to 14 hours, and as we promised since January 1 when we started major investments after EBRD entrusted the water loan, in the net mandate it will be shifted from 14 to 24 hours. Thus, we will all feel proud of being part of a vital transformation for Tirana" - said Veliaj.
The Mayor also announced that in addition to investments in doubling the capacity of Bovilla and water filtration, parallel work is being done with the extension of a new transmission line to the most peripheral areas of the city. "We have started the investment that leads the water directly from Bovilla to the Astir, Yzberisht, Yershek and Kashar areas. Aa well, Kombinati, "Misto Mame", Kamza Hill and Unit 11 will benefit from such investment. I am glad that we are moving in parallel with filtration and capillary dispersion especially in the areas that have suffered the most" said Veliaj.
The mayor announced that another symbol investment of the next mandate is the Pyramid's reconstruction and its return to the largest innovation and technology center in the region where thousands of young people will have the opportunity to learn coding and robotics. "One of the ornaments of our next mandate will undoubtedly be the TUMO Center in the Pyramid of Tirana, where not only are the operators who will teach 5,000 children each month in computer design, coding, robotics, mechatronics, etc., but also many private companies that will now be twinned with the center, so many of our young people will have the opportunity to get hired soon afterwards" said Veliaj.
The Mayor spoke also on completing the part of the Pact for the University. He said most of the buildings in the Student City are at the completion of their reconstruction and immediately after the work will also be moved to the dormitories of the Agricultural University. Veliaj stressed that what will mark the next term will be the University Campus.
The Municipal Council voted on several other important decisions such as to transform the home of the well known Albanian writer, Mr. Ismail Kadare, into a museum. "It serves to attract as many tourists as possible and to extend their staying. Kadare is the best known product "Made in Albania". As such it is added another stopping station in Tirana besides the Scanderbeg Square, the Lake, the New Bazar, the Castle and the Gallery. I am very pleased that a few days later we will be able to inaugurate it" said Veliaj. The museum will present to the local and foreign public a part of the material and spiritual history and material culture of the totalitarian period through the reflection of the writer's way of life.
At today's meeting, the City Council approved the decision "On the Program of Community Fund", from which will benefit 31 apartments that have applied for thermal insulation. "Residents have elected administrators to maintain their building; have applied to our fund to make investments and we are in an agreement 50 to 50, half cost covered from the Municipality and half from the residents. I believe we will be together to see the impact in the future" said Veliaj.
The Municipal Council also adopted three decisions of special importance regarding the employment of young people in the Municipality of Tirana as well as the promotion of the opening of new businesses by women. If you are a young man who has finished your studies and have the passion and willingness to work with the Tirana Municipality team to contribute to the performance in the capital, then a fantastic opportunity is offered to initially practice in one of the directorates of the Municipality of Tirana, as well as to be employed later with a temporary contract. After the opening of the call, 20 young people will be able to develop the practice in the Municipality of Tirana with the possibility of later employment.
Not only that, but another fantastic opportunity will be offered to all those talented young people who have an idea they want to put in place. The Municipal Council approved the decision for starting of the project "Start with an Idea - Win an Internship in the Municipality of Tirana". Based on this decision, 20 young people and young people under the age of 28, excellence, with a Bachelor, Master or Scientific Master degree, can implement their ideas thanks to the support of the Municipality of Tirana. The purpose of the Call is to young people at the beginning of their professional career to gain a working experience by providing the opportunity to develop their analytical and research and technical skills by competing with a project idea or study in one of the areas of the activity of the Municipality of Tirana.