“CYCLE”, Tirana Region organizes the activity with youth in Rrogozhina

Published at : 06/11/2019 - 23:05

A fantastic day in Rrogozhina Municipality, where Region together with Eco Volis and Eco Mendje organized "Cycle", the first event of its kind to bring together the youth of the city and students.
Autumn is the best time to organize these activities so this organization delivered a very important message; that in small towns we can bring the spirit of social life to young people, sports activities, mobility and environmental protection.
"For youth activism we do not divide cities into big and small ones, but we bring the best experience here as an initiative that will continue for more mobility, greenery and encouraging young people to useful urban social life" emphasized Dalipi.
The chair of Tirana Region Aldrin Dalipi expressed enthusiasm for the atmosphere created and said that "together with Mayor Memolla we give this message and we will continue with the Tirana Region and environmental organizations such events. Thanks to the youth of the city".
It should be noted that the event was attended by hundreds of young people, students of Rrogozhina and citizens who became part of the event by cycling the pedestrian road and planting nut trees in the city's schoolyards. Autumn is a beautiful time to bike, organize tours and enjoy nature.
Rrogozhina is just one of the stops to deliver this message and encourage residents to use bikes as a tool that not only keeps you in shape but also gets you to work quickly ...
Other trips with Tirana Region and expected to come.
Cycle too!